Agitation Issue Alert

I recently found out the term for the classic snag of when a small item of laundry fails to come out clean.

The cause tends to be an 'agitation issue'. Which occurs when say, a sock, ends wound up inside another garment and as a result cannot receive the required treatment inside the washing machine.

I instantly recognise this issue, in the shape of salesteam development.

For I have missed out on the odd piece of business here and there down the last couple o' years. When 'little' projects - as in my main case right now aiming to re-energise video sales calls - get lost amid a greater plan, typically of significant structural, directional or tactical change.

Yet the catch is, that without attention duly paid to the 'little' part, the larger is doomed to splutter along with a punctured tyre and never quite reach its destination.

In my current focus, I would argue that the conscious effort to elevate conducting business over video is more than mere 'little'. Yet no matter how fundamental you may gauge this, the point remains that there's often more than one seemingly secondary item you wish to address. And some of them are in peril of being mistakenly overlooked for those deemed bigger.

Which is folly given that the ones about to be overlooked may well be the vital foundations which underpin success of the whole endeavour.

We can learn from fixing the dirty sock (or t-shirt or pillow case or 'smalls') disappointment.

There's the netted bag. Placing all smaller items safely combined in one drawstringed mesh.

There's the separate wash entirely for them alone.

There's also the fact that one key component of the machine, the agitator (hence the label for when one item when spinning gets stuck in another), may be misfiring too.

All three remedies have solution selling parallels.

To enmesh is to guarantee they all get concurrently tackled.

To isolate is to understand they can bring results without immediate involvement with or delay due to the broader canvas.

To re-agitate is to realise which part of the cog needs oiling, tightening or replacing, and that none can take affect as a once-off, lone action.

There's likely one such item that is in danger of falling through the cracks in your sales pursuit.

Many labels exist which extol the power of being small but important.

Atomic, understated, the mighty mite.

Where's yours?

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