Lauded Hollywood Director Approach To Video Calls

Consider how any selling dialogue might be broken down.

In perhaps simplest terms, apply say, the beginning-middle-end template.

Open with aim. Talk it through. Finish with agreed next action.

You might, if you were of the movie-mind, describe this 'narrative structure' as 'the series of events that's the essence of what the film is'.

On the pr trail for his latest blockbuster, Oppenheimer, uber-director Christopher Nolan bemoaned such thinking.

"... it’s a very popular fallacy ... that all that matters is the scale of the story being told".

He does not feel that cinema is merely a vehicle for a plot.

His mindset is fundamental to how video calls ought be run across our workplaces.

For his focus includes how video meetings become best-practice.

“... ask engaging questions and try to entertain an audience and give them an exciting experience that hopefully lingers”.

The way far too many video calls flow is, to adapt his setting, 'completely at odds with how selling's developed'.

Live video 'buying' is indeed a 'pure experience'.

One that differs from other mediums.

Noticeably, consciously, significantly.

They surely yearn for video meetings that are distinctive. That don't just go through the typical motions. That offer something unique. That get to where they're happy to go by a new route. That they remember and adjudge worthwhile.

So the key 'Nolan question' here seems; Are your potential buyers getting that special experience?

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