Learnings From A Day Of In-Field Instagram #Presentation

There I was. In the not unfamiliar position of waiting for an over-running conference session to finally end.

I duly spent a quick few minutes swiping through what had been posted recently on Instagram with the hashtag #presentation.

Once stopped I noticed that I’d covered all pictures shared over the previous 24 hours.

I was intrigued at how few photos were actually of the projected messages that I was hunting out.

The 2.0 term ‘presentation’ seems to have considerably broadened its net lately.

Still. Gnawing away at me, I went back later to check my sanity.

During that midweek day-long period, only ten postings were of an actual presenter stood proudly aside their slide. There were a further handful of intro and thank you slides. With a few more of work-in-progress desk-bound computer screens.

I chuckled to see someone upload a poster of the famous Churchillian wit;

A good speech should be like a woman’s skirt: long enough to cover the subject and short enough to create interest.

But back to that ten. I was startled to note that being stuck in the Nineties prevailed.

Lots of text. Microsoft wizards at play. Plenty of bullet points. Mainly light backgrounds. Not a single standout point. And even more text.


Not all the ten shots are close or focused enough to make out the slide detail. Yet I have managed to isolate imagery representative of them below.

instagram presentations 24-5Feb15 400x300

If any of your slidedeck looks like these, then you must redo.

Think photos. Newsprint headlines. One point per page. Colours. Less words.

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