Use The 3 Reasons You Joined To Gel With Prospects

At his pomp Thierry Henry was the best footballer in the premier league.

Flexing his punditry credentials. I caught him detail the three reasons why he joined Arsenal; (team manager) Arsene Wenger, (then leading-goalscorer) Ian Wright and the kit.

This created much chatter across sporting media.

Ian Wright himself responded with his own trio; (behind-the-scenes chief) David Dein, the fans & George Graham (the manager who signed him).

Whether they spark you to join or stay, the reasons why you are where you are can be covert signals for a prospect to buy into you and your message.

Broaden these out too. A very similar expression of relish can come from explaining;

What are the three things that make you excited about the future?

Maybe the Frenchman was a touch tongue-in-cheek. Yet Henry could have cited motivators such as; to live in London, re-launch his career, win silverware. But he didn’t say these.

Where your prospect can buy into your reasons – chiefly because they see benefit for themselves emanating from them too – then you’re (both) onto a winner.

Added to that, do you really think they’ll be having a conversation with your competition around the happiness felt with a present employer’s situation?

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