Legends Menu Premium Option

Sadly this bar’s service did not tally with the idea behind this wonderful piece of menu engineering I came across.

Near the top of an extensive drinks list, in a reversed colours box, and a title including the word LEGENDS, comes this text;

For those that are looking for that extra special bottle of wine, we keep an exclusive selection of rare wines that have achieved legendary status. You are welcome to ask your [waitron] for our … Legends wine list.

I’ve no clue how successful this is in their setting. Testing and tracking would reveal that to themselves. Yet it still strikes me as a worthy try.

The occasional patron will undoubtedly be piqued by the ability to splash out on such an ‘exclusive’ item. With its price tag to match.

Over the years I’ve blogged a fair bit on this kind of thing. There’s often something we can take from this retail environment into our corporate pricing presentation.

We often have ‘tiers’ of pricing. Whether it be the type of entry-level to pro scale, or even something close to the on-demand favoured freemium (sidenote; interested to learn that the present ‘highest’ level around subscriptions that currently works appears to be no more than 40-60% above the next one down), or perhaps your version of gold-silver-bronze in the manner of ‘good-better-best choice architecture’ pricing.

Can this ‘price-only-on-request’ style suit your wares? Is there an “extra special” supply, beyond that which you currently promote?

If such a ‘platinum’, ‘diamond’ or ‘x’ option can exist it might also prove useful as a touch of decoy pricing too. After all, of all your prospects that ask what this is about, some will just be tyre-kicker nosey…

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