Autocomplete Answering Goes Mainstream

I’ve blogged on the sales-wonder of autocomplete before (here’s two, from May then Oct of 2017). Now it seems the freshly installed UK Prime Minister is rebalancing their messaging channels to push digital marketing over traditional media.

With Brexit Day only a few hours away, Boris Johnson posted a 2’20” video. Titled Autocomplete Interview.

Replete with subtitles. A golden yellow for the questions, white for answers.

Whatever your leanings, there remains a most useful presentation slide in this for us solution sellers.

Your autocomplete slide can start with ‘Does…’ or ‘Will…’ like this example, followed by your product, brand or corporate name, or any other search-box starting point.

And it should give you a chance to isolate the queries and areas that are most important to your prospect.

So much so, that you can then even use this (amended as necessary) as a page in your Prop or other bespoke deal collateral.

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