Lengthen Shorter Days

I rib a pal of mine that he’s a painter and decorator.  Not that there’s anything wrong with such a noble profession, it’s just that for the money spent on his education he feels he should be looked up to, not upon.

Still, found a useful guide from him about how to – as the press release put it – keep the winter blues away.  One or more of these tips could improve the numbers from that sales office you’re in…

  • Clean the windows and remove clutter from the window areas
  • Open the blinds whenever possible and rearrange desks so that they do not suffer from glare from the windows when the blinds are open
  • Add task lighting to each desk
  • Change the main lighting to ‘day-light’ bulbs
  • Paint a wall red, to stimulate energy
  • Install a large natural summer or springtime image
  • Apply a metallic or reflective wall covering on a wall

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