Let's Keep In Touch

Someone showed me a funky new businesscard the other day. It was the kind of vibe that the dotcom boom seemed to herald way back in the late 90s. Yet never quite materialised in the flesh. Here’s a pic from the company responsible.


So, since July 2011 Nokia have had this new design. The people showing me were clearly impressed. And it does stand out. It also says a lot about the company, culturally.

The line in particular that hit me was;

Let’s keep in touch

How many people that give you their card really mean this?

I was taken with something interesting here when I first started to sell directly to chief execs. They rarely gave me their card when we first met. Only if they liked our time together did they reach for their contact cardboard as we got up to walk on.

Perhaps we should double-check what being handed the calling card truly means?

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