Walk Into Reception

Here’s a story I just heard from a delightful Kiwi chap. He’d tried the usual cold calls and emails to opem up a particular buyer at a mining concern.

He reckoned ten email messages had gone unanswered. Yet he was convinced they had a need which he could fulfil. So when next in town, he walked right into reception and asked to see the person.

She duly came down to greet them. And said this;

“Oh, it’s a good thing you’ve made contact because we’re doing an RFP and thinking of issuing it next week. Would you like it mailed to you?”

Leaving aside the fact that you should only pursue an RFP that you have influenced, this tactic amazingly led to him securing the business. It was worth a seven-figure sum.

So there you have it. Some buyers just don’t answer their phone.

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