Lewis Schaffer on Jobs and Love

After being moved to warn about the Ferguson (Neil) Effect as described by New York turned London comedian, Lewis Schaffer, I find a pair of extra selling steers from his meandering mind.

Naturally never one to pass up on a solution Sales angle, here's a two more thoughts we can adapt for success in our studio.

Lewis' Mum On Jobs

"They hire you because you're competent, then fire you because they don't like you"

The unjust, and usually unlawful, culture wars termination of employment contracts is a frequent theme. Here, Lewis recounts his mother's wisdom.

Insight which resonated with me.

I instantly riffed on aligned such breakdowns.

They hire you as you're an opportunity, then fire you as you're a threat

They hire you when you're the future, then fire you when they're the past

Aside from our own careers and that of those we recruit, there's a whiff of the Account Management farmer warning in this too.

End of Love

Well, Lewis has an over-arching theory. How The Global Elites jetsetting to their Davos caves dictate to us lesser souls.

Everything they tout in the name of proper planetary stewardship is in fact a means to suppress us, our birth-rates and our disposal income.

It is, he surmises, an End to Love.

When he says it, you spot the eye-rolls. But you also sense a begrudging acknowledgement.

Maybe he's on to something.

Wherever your stance, there's an interesting angle for us here.

When a prospect might be going down a particular path - think less about specific supply, more different direction - then might they be in danger of ushering in their own unwelcome 'End'?

Your/Their alternative to 'Love' could be any foundation, ambition or protection they presently hold dear. Yet without you, be put in jeopardy.

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