Link Cyber Fraud Protection ABC To Your Bid Security

times crime survey 15 400x372

Half of all UK crimes are cyber. A whopping five million.

My photo above, from the day’s London Times’ striking barchart depiction.

Note that the UK “crime survey” is a deliberately separate counterbalance to police recorded figures.

The previous evening, I caught a Professor Alan Woodward discuss the frightening level of computer fraud. He cited the millions lost this past year due to malware called Dridex. A trojan which steals your banking details.

He cautioned against an imminent big phishing scam. Which he felt would start along familiar email lines; “Dear valued customer, something is wrong please click this link….”

He urged awareness of his ABC for cyber fraud.

Assume nothing
Believe no-one
Check everything

I couldn’t help but feel the snug fit with our perception of prospect preferences.

An entertaining and worthy test across any forecast session this month.

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