Fake Reviews And Your Real Prospect Star Rating

Much chatter this week as Amazon sue 1,114 people who post fake reviews on its site.

In the crosshairs I noted Tripadvisor’s notoriously lax reputation on hospitality industry defamation may be sharpening.

They have three categories of fake reviewer;

Boosters – false positive, normally from friends and family of business operators

Vandals – false negative, typically from competitors and occasionally vastly exaggerated from disgruntled customers

Optimisers – people paid for multiple false reviews, usually via ‘micro job’ or ‘virtual assistant’ sites

Fraudulent reports on buying experiences are not in the same vein as corporate procurement decision formulation. Yet there is something in this taxonomy that suits itself to a political mapping. Especially if you want to mix up your assessment beyond the commonplace 2×2 matrices.

Who are the boosters? Those that are on-side, happy to endorse and spread the word?

Which vandals exist? Those not disposed to your way but firmly in another’s camp?

Where are the optimisers? Those who’s minds can be swayed, but by whom and how your key next questions.

An alternate way of using these, is to highlight any subterfuge.

Are there misinformations passing around? Meant or mistaken. Help or hinder.

Let’s encourage our boosts, clean up vandalisation and optimise the rest.

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