Local Focus Can Top Global Boasts

missinglink joburg clocks

I posted a lovely visual from 1994 film The Paper a while back. I then came across a South African firm from Joburg that had done similar. Exactly how I liked. With a twist.

If you read my earlier post, you’ll know I love the uber-local focus that eschews the typical ego-driven global domination slant.

In my above snap of part of their office – yes, I know, the ping pong is oh so trendy – you’ll see four circular objects on the brick wall.

They are clocks.

And each has a local town’s time.

Joburg Durban Cape Town Welkom.

All South African. All on the same time zone.

Those familiar with the country in question will realise the fourth is tongue in cheek. It reminds me of the famous Trotter’s three wheeler van from Only Fools And Horses, suggesting they were in ‘London Paris Peckham’. Wherever you’re from, think of a couple of the most glamorous places, then slot in one real backwater to the list for comedy effect and you’ll get the drift.

This outfit do presentations for you. In their own words;

We’re Missing Link, we make presentations (In fairness, so can you. It’s just that ours don’t suck)

And without even trying, this local pride approach proves its worth. With significant global attention garnered anyway. From the likes of CNBC and Inc.

Their twist is that even though each town is on the same time, these clocks don’t all show that. Whilst you can never tell if a battery or two has died, my suspicion persists that they’re having a gag at the expense of a place they wish to tease as being ‘behind’ were they are.

missinglink joburg clocks closeup

It’s a small little reminder that we often get carried away. Go global with our slides, case studies and dev plans. Yet it’s often the more local, the more niche, the more downplayed the better when it comes to impressing a prospect.

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