Lockdown Tribe & Your Prospect Personalities

What’s your lockdown tribe? The British are split into those who accept, suffer or resist.

Analysis by Kings College has found that there are three groups who are all dealing with strict social distancing measures differently.

Nearing the end of phase one, almost moving into phase two of defeating the assailant that is coronavirus. Barnstorming Boris the Prime Minister returns from his brush with the “invisible mugger” urging compatriots to hold our nerve. As we occupy this “moment of maximum risk”, the above three ‘pandemic personalities’ emerge from research by Kings College London.

I also display the Daily Mail piechart. They revel in being the most-read English-language newspaper site across the web. Yet this graphic is a fail.

The blurriness of the junction at five o’clock. The random and distorting apportioning of colours. The distracting slice labelling. The message-less title. The arrangement of slices.

And then there’s the question of whether this ought really be a piechart at all.

What of the trio of tribes, though?

Of the largest group – ‘accepters’ also the least likely to be financially hit – only one in eight are prone to sleepless nights. With seven of eight tightly observing the lockdown. Then all but one in fourteen of the ‘sufferers’ follow lockdown rules. Yet thirteen of fourteen of them are then aware of anxiety and depression, six in ten of whom are losing sleep. A majority – five of eight – of resisters think “too much fuss is being made about the risk of coronavirus”, compared to only one in seven nationwide.

Could these be overlaid onto your prospect’s buying proclivities?

And if so, would it help you better manage them (in your favour)?

Resisters are a constant thorn.

Deliberately pushing back against what our proposal represents.

Whether out of preference for another course or perceived personal challenge.

Sufferers may well feel there’s no chance of change.

Sitting out machinations and getting on with what they can of their tasks.

At least they may wish for better, yet won’t yet necessarily put their hand up for it.

Accepters could well be our key players.

They know both what needs to be done, and see our pitch as the way to do it.

They could almost carry the day without consent of the other persuasions.

Yet they can cajole, convince and convert them to make both signature and uptake swifter.

Another lens through which to gauge your next account or pipeline review, perhaps, then you too could “fire up the engines”.

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