You A Chest Beating Or Tender Loving Gorilla?

English naturalist and possible heir to David Attenborough’s appeal, Chris Packham, broadcasts latest research on primates.

Compelling footage accompanies fascinating revelations.

It turns out that the King Kong style chest-thumping posturing silverback alpha male is not the most successful in the mating game. Far from it in fact.

Females instead naturally select more the cuddliest of males. Those troop leaders showing the greatest degree of tenderness when dealing with the community’s young.

Leading to the astounding ratio that such ‘infant-friendly’ males sire five times more offspring than their dominance focused counterparts.


Is there a sales parallel?

If there were, then could it be this difference:

Between one provider always banging on about how brilliant they are, their cosmic levels of new client acquisition and unrestrained browbeating of competition all considered unworthy.

As opposed another that talks about implementation, delivery, hand-holding and (whisper it) genuine results, rather than vacuous platitudes often from suspiciously compliant users?

Could those overtly focused on the progress of their buyers long after the sign-up really have our equivalent of this fivefold higher return of the loving primate beyond the aggressive self-obsessed messaging bias of the shouty chest-pounder?

Clear your tropical forest path to ‘5x more’, today…

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