Chinese Capture & Your Prospect State

The evil virus that is the Chinese Communist Party is pivoting. Shudderingly, it’s been doing this for almost a decade. Creeping up on us it is only now we register their relentless venomous heist.

And don’t give me all that utter rubbish about the horrors of Chiang Kai-shek ensure that history revisionists can say his kind were rightly banished. Look at Taiwan today. Now compare that to mainland China. Then zip it.

China even appointed themselves to the UN Human Rights Commission. Think about that. What do the Uighurs, Hong Kong democrats or swathes of ‘dissidents’ disappeared make of that do you think? An advert for how the UN goes about its business in general too.

Chinese Capture is a deliberate policy of freshly enthroned Emperor For Life Xi Jinping. A man who must struggle to sleep at night wondering which plotter might stab him in the back next day. And that’s just from within his own side.

We’ve witnessed such behaviour inside countries of dubious democratic credentials far too many times. From present day Russia through Thailand to S Africa, no continent is immune from kleptocracy running riot.

Even established free public bodies can be captured. Just look at Britain’s state broadcaster, quango community or health provision. All riddled with rabidly partisan single-world viewing intolerants desperate to ram their divisive bile down our throats.

Is something similar in danger of afflicting those with whom you wish to partner?

A satellite office, provincial division, spoke operation? Any pod which is nearer a periphery rather than power core. Geographically or Mentally. It could even be a department, floor or open-plan cube-filled room whose distance from ‘control’ amplifies remoteness. In the negative.

When coronavirus abates, we will have to address The China Question. Sharpish.

Will you be wise to locate similar circulating around your prospect organisations?

Throughout your bid discussions and to help frame a specific type of account review.

Here’s your ten questions for starters:

  1. Who makes the decisions?
  2. What was involved with recent decisions made (note both the taken and untaken)?
  3. What overriding theme underscores any decision (a kind of Commander’s Intent from strategist literature)?
  4. When does reporting back ‘up the line’ take place?
  5. How do decisions get justified to The Centre?
  6. Why would they get knocked back by higher forces?
  7. How often do any external involve themselves in their affairs?
  8. Who locally has close ties to any such business bosom on far (& how active are they)?
  9. What cross-functional working procedures are ongoing or sporadic?
  10. Where might any overt meddling (or perhaps more tactfully, deliberate forensic oversight) have occurred?

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