Logo Memory Test Transposed Inside Your Salesteam

Here’s a lovely little workshop idea. Well suited to just prior a break, during a longer internal conference type shindig.

Inside a fortnight of publication, this Bored Panda piece clocked up an astonishing 11 million Facebook ‘likes’.

They asked 150 Americans to draw – completely from memory – logos of famous consumer brands.

Ten were, in the main, incorrectly recreated. As well as the Ikea treatments shown above, also included were Apple, Adidas, Burger King, Starbucks, Domino’s Pizza, Foot Locker, Target, 7-Eleven & Walmart.

I chose to highlight Ikea above, in part as they were not American, but also because they experienced the best recall. Almost a third were near-perfect (see graphic at foot). Unlike for Starbucks. They suffered only 6% that good. Perhaps a comment on the complication of their ’16th century Nordic siren’ icon of the “twin-tailed mermaid”.

As facilitator, you can pre-select what you’d like your salesteam to quickly draw.

Dependent on numbers, you could choose the logo for each salesperson’s current hottest prospect. With you prepared and ready to summon up the comparisons after the break.

There’s lots of options. Perhaps a better theme though, is to home in on a key selling message. One that may well have a slide diagram depiction. Or better still, a sales scribble shown them beforehand (especially if the previous day) on a whiteboard. This can encompass anything from simplifying the marketplace, to the problem you resolve, to a breakdown of figures.

In any case, what may take up only twenty minutes of actual airtime, could well cement what you know is important knowledge in your collective salesforce mind.

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