Lovely Sales Deals With Psychedelic Recipe


The properties of illicit drugs are being harnessed for medicinal repair. I noted this reading the above broadsheet magazine supplement piece. In this specific case, eliminating PTSD.

The chemistry CEO profile pic caption boils things down to a straightforward recipe.

“Add X, stir Y, heat to Z. It’s like cooking.”

Is this a Class A sales formula?

I once gave a new product workshop introduced with a slide of the recipe for the then world’s most ‘liked’ dish.

The salesteam duly tasked to consider what ingredients and their treatments made for the most delicious implementation of their wares.

It’s fair to say we thought the results were tasty.

So here’s a cheeky little prod to ensure you have your recipes sorted. For perfect potential client. For successful client longevity. And for how you get from one to the other. That’s process.

With one final tip, the photo’s label above doesn’t feature the full quote. He continues, delivering this gem; “but to get a really good-quality end product, you have to experiment a lot”.

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