Low Friction Fast Decisions

The wonks in my homeland across the Westminster Bubble currently have serpentine-twisted-knickers. Over the leak of 100,000 whatsapp messages. Exposing Lockdown conceit and deceit of those then in power.

In the melee is reference to the 2021 protestation in the tweet up-top. You needn't be up on who and what all the names are or mean.

The context is that the perhaps sole success of the official UK coronavirus "response" was to produce the best vaccine rollout on the planet.

The disclosure above sees a (maybe once, the main) government advisor bemoan that if the politicians and mandarins running the health ministry were to have a say, then any vaccine plan would be a disaster.

Removing their clearance processes from monetary decisions being crucial to success.

Which would prevent what was likely to catastrophically happen. Transforming it instead to a;

low friction, fast decisions success.

That's quite the summary. Despite being "rushed instructions".

And proved right. With civilian Kate Bingham then left to get on with leading the vaccine task force, without outside meddling, which comprehensively came up with the goods. Whatever your stance on lockdown policies, the results stand apart. First to develop. First to jab. First to end-of-rainbow herd immunity.

Do we want to sell something as effectively as the UK vaccine was rolled out?

Do our buyers want to purchase from us as effectively as the world's leading vaccine rollout?

Then perhaps you can ask both yourselves and your keenest advocates about;

  • lowering friction,
  • quickening decisions, &
  • whose clearance is best removed from relevant parts of the process, including financial veto

Any ideas?

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