Maggie's 20 Ways Of Change

So today is the funeral of the greatest British Prime Minister since Churchill. The airwaves in my homeland were awash with truly amazing debate. Toxic vitriol or teeming veneration. Dependent upon whether you are Left, or Right. Disrespectful or decent.

So it was to the Left leaning press that I glanced to test for objectivity. I was delighted to find a piece entitled Margaret Thatcher: 20 ways that she changed Britain.

From the frivolous (the rise of power dressing) to the fundamental (a diminished role fro trades unions) it is a balanced assessment.

Now, I do like my lists. And this one instantly gave me a solid selling idea.

When people ask what your wares do, why not frame your answer in terms of what it changes, in a good way?

Too often, all prospects get rammed down their throats is just a list of marketing superlatives. Or maybe a story about a pet customer.

Yet in solution sales, we are in the business of selling ‘change’. And of managing people’s perception of how it will affect them.

So, how many ways does your product ‘change’ lives for the better?

Sources of inspiration can come from all angles. Output quality, cycle time, resource release, cash savings, job promotions, market shares, profit soar innovation rocket, milk and honey, holding hands beneath the rainbow.

You don’t need to conjure 20 like with Mrs T. Five or six would make a healthy start. But to be able to add another arrow to your quiver – whether it be a testimonial style page in a Prop or keywords and pics on a slide – is yet another winning way to distinguish yourself from any other option on the table.

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