Make Janu-Worry Janu-Cha-Cha

This post’s title is a media campaign for reruns of a worldwide telly dance show.

Then I heard the phrase as a topic on the radio.

Who knew JanuWorry was a thing?

I’d heard of Drynuary. Which is plain ridiculous.

Apparently the Worry is due to festive over-exertion along with the familiar blues of the year’s first month. Monetary, workplace, diet, fitness, life-plans, career. All the usual ‘resolution’ suspects. Although it seems that running out of cash way before you get paid is the prime driver.

What’s the equivalent for Sales?

An empty funnel.

Sandbagging (the deliberate delaying of previous period dead-cert deals to fatten the next) absent, perhaps you’ve just had such a bumper year-end, the well is now dry.

Prospects all gone to ground. They’ve got their own new year to kick-start and for outside sellers, the doors are shut.

Or perish the thought, internal sales plans incomplete, promos unconfirmed, new turfs and packages in limbo. All prospects shift attention elsewhere.

The winner salesteams – those who truly breathe sustainable selling – will have thought forward on this. Worked the target market hard. Priming suspects as priority. Finding the buyers ahead of time. Showing a different pipeline plumping approach for different times. So if your struck slap bang in Januworry right now, it is alas too late.

But if so, isn’t it time to avoid Febuworry?

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