Do Your Sales Boasts Alienate Buyers?

crabtree evelyn boast shelf 400x220

English bathroom care products from Crabtree & Evelyn are pretty much global. In one of their far flung stores recently I saw this display. Next to a sink where you try their wares. An entire bookcase full of hand creams.

They seem proud that sales of these tubes are so frequent. One every 5 seconds somewhere around the globe. Rightly so. It must be a good product, right?

Yet I couldn’t help be irked by their statement.

It struck me as showing one of the key reasons salespeople are not loved by the buying masses.

Only one word need change;

“sold” = “bought”

Yes, it can be good to trumpet your success … but. And there is a big but.

Buyers everywhere are put off when salespeople all too often blatantly focus on themselves. They clearly come from their own, me-me-me standpoint. When they ought rather think from the buyer perspective. And this is yet another, albeit retail, example rather than from our solutions world. Sadly the same feeling often transfers.

Such a message betrays the true thrust of their selling effort. It doesn’t give the impression they are genuinely on their customer wavelength. How do yours measure up? Must they too switch?

crabtree evelyn boast closeup

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