Make Your Sales Office Wall A Cattle Breed Apart

cattle breeding board top ios

I love my sales office wall visuals.

I blog on good ones every time I see them.

Most recently with meezers and visionboarders, as well as Wall St Wolf set-dressing.

From a completely different field, I saw on telly a cattle farmer’s office.

He loves his old status board so much, it’s been in place for four decades. Despite tech options aplenty over the years, and now there even being ‘an app for that’.

cattle breeding board side ios

In the same way calendars abound, inbuilt in our smartphone-tablet-laptop lives, there’s something special about seeing progress splashed large across a wall. Rather than on a thumbnail screen.

What really works for me with this, is making sure you don’t merely replicate either a dashboard or diary screen on your wall.

My favourite is to grid your deals by process.

Along one side you write (or have drawn icons for) your specific process elements.

On the other, list each forecasted prospect.

In each cell note next to a tick, cross or question mark how you stack up.

The colour coded pins from the farm can also translate into your own key gateways and solution gaps to help ensure a healthy customer is born.

cattle breeding board closeup ios

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