Making A Pig's & Dog's Breakfast Of Your Competition

London 2017. Snap Election. Catching opponents on the hop, Prime Minister Theresa May.

In the immediate scramble for opinions, facts and outright gossip that enveloped the Westminster bubble during the first of seven surprise campaign weeks, despite wide ranging attempts to the contrary, one single issue dominates. Brexit.

As the whole world probably knows, the current leadership, with beautiful lyrical flourish, promise “brexit means brexit”.

Sadly the Remoaners sought to hijack the process with their divisive howls about “hard” versus “soft” brexits.

Yet in early skirmishes I noted a number of renewed efforts to reclaim the event by the various sects. In particular, these four did many media rounds.

tyrannosaurus brexit

bargain basement brexit

frictionless brexit

creme brulee brexit

The last one here eluding to “hard on top, soft underneath”.

The thought tantalising all concerned, was that if any such scenario were stipulated in the manifesto, it would not be able to get voted down. There is a significant flipside. Europe would be shown the UK’s hand, with all the likely negotiation drawbacks this produces.

In any case, even this quartet of labels moves ahead of others mentioned post-Referendum last year.

Perhaps the most comical being Pig’s or Dog’s. Uttered mistakenly by politicians who couldn’t unmuddle their mind from confusing the words breakfast and brexit. When you get a senior person saying they can’t see how they’ll get a successful breakfast, you surely know their time has passed.

Still, my previous blog points about the Sales power of owning these kinds of descriptions (as proved by Brexit) continue to run true.

Whatever the headline term your prospect talks of with your project, if you can cement adjoining words you are onto a real winner. The four I mention here new to me on this are all goodies. If you can think of something similarly sticky, wilfully adopted prospect-side, then you’ll be well on the way to make breakfast out of your competition.

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