Newsnight's UK Snap Election Graphics

The day of the snap general election call in Britain. Panicked media excitedly rushed to make sense of it all.

The current go-to telly source for illumination on this kind of thing? An Evan Davis Newsnight. BBC’s late-night round-up wonkery.

I was delighted to see the graphics team working wonders. They provided a couple of neat tips for any solution sell powerpointing. Which mercifully require only a fairly basic understanding of the much-maligned slideware.

The first is how to deal with photos that may not lend themselves perfectly to a landscape portrayal.

Here’s their beautiful drone-style shot of Brighton’s seafront. They quickly move to a cropped view of solely the striking new viewing tower. With now redundant screen edges coloured green – to match the colour of their sitting MP – and greenwash applied through a slightly transparent-ed box over the landmark.

A treatment used across the parties, including for this Wetherspoon’s ad.

Cheers. Next the display of ranking importance. Here with the current lowest voter issue priority highlighted;

Then with the top concern, matched to the personality of the day.

In each case, place a box-shape over your pic, fill with your scheme’s colour given transparency as suits.

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