You, Your Prospect & A Snapchat Streak

A snapchat streak. Or even, a snapstreak.

If you’ve had conversation grunts from a teen lately, you’ll know what this means. And how they simply cannot break one. Whatever.

You snapchat with someone every single day, back and forth. Who knows if I’m down with the lingo here. P999.

Then after an aeon in teenager time, you win a number against their name. With emojis awarded. 🔥💯

I know.

I was happy with a stick and wheel.

Or praps not.

Still. The point is … several successive days of ‘quality’ chat gets highlighted. And is an aspiration.

Where once there was hoop rolling, today we need bid rocking.

It’s a question you hear often in salesrooms.

“Spoken to _____ today?”

Where the blank is the key prospect person.

A buyer with whom you desire to have an unbroken contact streak.

It makes you wonder whether today’s crm can colour-in a calendar with actual, meaningful conversations as a report.

Or whether there’s a sales operation for whom such indicator is valid.

When selling high-value projects myself, I know that if you weren’t speaking to your prospect every single day you were likely in trouble. Sales Managers demanding daily discussion.

Experience instils less a need to have this kind of semi-permanent connection. More the drive to talk to a plan. Yes frequent chitter chatter can be a telling relationship barometer. But what about where it is heading? The longer in the tooth, the more likely you are to achieve regular contact through working together towards specific mini-goals, as opposed to calling for the sake of it on a random, ad hoc and ultimately flawed basis.

When that streak’s about to end… ⌛ oh the angst. Let it not strike you. Plan for smoothness.

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