Meeting Cover Art

Meeting Cover Art

A book has its dust jacket. Music albums of whatever medium have their sleeve artwork. Magazines have their glossy covers with masthead up top.

Even our Proposal documents typically have some kind of title page.

Although hopefully not one stipulated by an ivory tower type of 'corporate comms' body.

[hint: any imagery and accompanying text should be about your prospect and not, as such stipulations tend to be, you.]

What about your key meeting though?

Whether an internal among colleagues, or external with clients and prospects.

You already have a Title, right?

[Chapter 8 of my book, subtitled 52 Ways To Get What You Want From Virtual Meetings, is on this crucial point alone.]

So let that gently diffuse around the participants by way of meeting invite label and any message or email threads.

One piece of imagery I like to use, is a pictorial representation of the mooted Agenda.

[Chapter 14 of my aforementioned Video Calls That Sell instructional.]

Often for a meeting early on in a freshly formed business relationship. Although not the very first.

Yet my preferred go-to, is a chart or diagram.

Deliberately shorn of labels. (As genre luminaries term it, denuded of 'chart ink'.)

The featured image of this post evolves the outline of a tech entrepreneur's depiction of where they hope to head.

I prepared it for a video meeting that never ended up taking place.

It ably, and hopefully also strikingly, shows what the meeting would've been about.

The drawing being unique to and embraced by those involved.

In this case, I also designed it so that it might form a virtual background as a fall back and, if required, be my holding 'profile' pic should I be off-screen for more than any passing moment.

Such work needn't be confined to meetings over video. Even though that is a perfect application. In-person ones can still benefit from such sparkle too. Sprinkle liberally around the room make that high impact your plans deserve.

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