Mid-Term Gesture

I met up with a friend having his pad renovated by an impressively diligent Polish team. He was chuffed that, as a freebie, they’d offer to do an extra day’s work to help him finish the final painting touch-ups.

I wondered how this could be, and he shared his belief that it was down to two things:

  1. when things had gone wrong, he hadn’t ranted and raved, but sought a mutually generated solution
  2. when half-way through, he’d given each a bottle of quality vodka as a thanks

When I myself had similar work conducted a couple of years back, I coincidentally deployed the same tactics. The latter act particularly intrigued me. The gift I’d provided was (unfortunately!) a Man U footie shirt, causing much amusement when the daughter of the foreman smilingly decided to commandeer her Dad’s.

It reminded me that there are times during the middle of a long campaign, or sales project generally, when taking stock in this way could be a winner. ‘Here’s where we are. Here’s where we need to be.’ A little gesture can re-invigorate tired, wandering minds.

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