Mobile MBA Book On Selling

This is incredible. There I was, browsing business offerings at a fairly large airside bookstore. And this cover caught my eye. Must be the black.


There are, so the author surmises, key tricks of the trade. In their own words,  “112 skills to take you further, faster”. Each chapter complete with its own “skill-pill”.

What rot. Have a guess how important Sales is to the aspirant MBA-fed exec?

Of the roughly 200 pages, we warrant a full page-and-a-half. We are only one of the 112 essential skills. I couldn’t quite believe it.

My incredulity expanded to blood-vessel-popping proportions when I actually read the entry.

It seems the author’s expertise in selling stems solely from thinking about what they didn’t like when being sold to themselves. Give me strength.

There’s even a handy 10-point bullet list of essentials for anyone wanting to understand how to sell properly.

I was so taken by it, I put in on a slide. So that a client of mine and I could mock in harmony.

If this is what the business world thinks of Sales, we’ll never be CEO and the world is doomed. Oh well, just put another bean counter in charge, right?


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