Modern Call Centre Still Likes Old School Scoreboards

callcentre landscape

Here’s Swansea’s third largest call centre. The right of those L-shaped buildings in the middle.

I enjoyed the shows with them last Autumn, blogging each week, and now I just caught the festive season extra. The fly-on-the-wall didn’t capture much by way of selling this time, I’m afraid. Instead, they preferred to major on the build up to the annual Christmas party. Or to give it its tax deductible title, the end of year conference.

Still, our Nev smiled through. Even ‘motivating’ a manager fresh from being dumped by his short-lived girlfriend;

Get the beat going, keep the sales flowing.

Team leader Jonny seemed suitably buzzed. Albeit not so much by the time of the party later.

The only salesworthy comment came from background shots of the office walls.

I have always loved visuals around the office. So many corporate walls are bare. Or worse still, full of Marketing glossies.

Anything that promotes ‘process’ is a winner. Old fashioned league tables are still good, though. And here, on grubby aged whiteboards, sales made by the hour are duly recorded in Nev’s world.

How do you show the state of play? And how do they both re-inforce and motivate?

callcentre whiteboard a

callcentre whiteboard b

callcentre whiteboard c

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