More Deal Visualisation From Golden Globe Nominated Detective

Luther s03 case wall x3 400x202

Idris Elba’s Luther is up for gongs this award season. He’s a grumpy old soul. Probably not surprising given the dark nature and filmscapes of his London caseload. In the latest miniseries, a gruesome serial killer requires plenty of wall space for his evidence display.

I’ve noted this technique before (via Carrie in Homeland).

Although my screenshots don’t show too much detail, you still get the gist. You don’t need to find the three huge frames commandeered by Luther. A decent bit of wall real estate should definitely be set aside for your live big bid and stick up copies of every piece of visual cue you can both find and create.

Luther s03 case wall close up 400x205

TV cops, like Luther, quote “means, motive, opportunity” as the three lenses they view an investigation by. If you’re looking for a similar way of spotting the breakthrough you need, these three words could prove a useful launchpad sales-wise too. Does your prospect have the means, the authority, the money, to move forward? Do they have the motive, the urgency, the pain? Do they have the opportunity, the resources, the willingness?

Or perhaps you’d like to adapt your own. Maybe “people, problem, progress” could be our solution selling alternative?

People – who are the players, where do they sit, what are their wins
Problem – is it acknowledged, what’s its scale, where’s it cause most pain
Progress – how close is our solution, where’s the urgency, is our legacy accepted and desired

Either way, to see your deal like Luther finds his culprit is a worthy visual tool.

Luther s03 case wall colleagues 400x207

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