Modify A Famous Quote And Scramble Stacked Bars

If you’re into improving your presentations, you really ought know about Jessedee. When brewing ideas for a slide deck recently, I revisited his curation of what he feels is good powerpoint.

One livewire slideshow captured around 100 slides he thought stood out at a recent industry event. His stuff in general is well worth checking out.

For now, here were the two pairs of slides I instantly liked. Being as my design skills are way below those that do this kind of thing for a living, I took to them as they could pretty much be replicated by any beginner.

The first is a lovely idea for starting a presentation. First you take a well-known quote. Jesse himself goes for the ballsy opening.

Any good quote will do, especially if it’s from a sage uppermost in the audiences mind. Such as their boss. Then you add your magic.

Great idea. Sweet impact.

And then there’s a favourite of mine, the presentation of numbers. We’re all familiar with the squinting pain from spreadsheeted figures…

Traditionally, the tired old pie, or in this particular case, maybe a stacked bar would be wheeled out. Not for Jesse. He quite rightly highlights an adaptation of the wonderful billion-o-dollar-gram.

Piece of cake. No pie.

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