More Moon Boarding

English tv presenting rose Holly Willoughby receives unusually crushing press at the moment.

Her latest attempt to cash-in on her huge profile seems to have backfired.

Beyond being the 'everygirl' daytime smiler appealing to millions of social media followers, she's now tried to mimic the Paltrow route to wellness guruship.

Instead of, ahem, specially scented candles, she currently opts for a range of Valentine jewellery. The snag being the opprobrium sky high price tags bring. Five hundred quid a pop. Outside the pockets of her screaming fanbase.

Discovering this has led to many a commentator delving deeper into her lifestyle site.

The takedown I caught from such a pair was both funny and scathing.

Talkradio weekend breakfast show host Cristo - who else, having been a former wheel in such production - and tabloid showbiz editor, Hannah Hope, chose to include in their lowlights the play on Holly's dash for cash website name, which adds the suffix -board;

Wylde Moonboard.

Here's the explanatory text. When added to rundown of the content, hoots of derision filled the studio.

"...simply a place for reflection; a board filled with inspiration that will evolve every month, just like we all do"

Whilst I understand I am not the target market for what is contained within, I couldn't help be struck by the blandness of what's presented. An indistinct contrast to the juggernaut of Holly's Instagram feed. Even more baffling, is how the bubbly character of the lady herself just doesn't quite come across. Especially given these 'inspirations' are supposedly personally curated by her. A damaging misalignment, surely.

There is though much to be said for the kind of targeted pinboarded idea sparkers and directional reminders displayed.

I've blogged on these a fair few times down the years.

From inspirations walls to moodboards in general. Packed with vision and dream. When they reinforce where we want our selling endeavours to lead and the process hits to help us get there they are winners.

Your very own visualised #inspo for what rocks your selling and lets the success roll in.

Best kept within eyeshot of your daily working space.

My most recent comment on this trope, featured a coincidentally similar sounding treatment; the Moon Collage.

Take the best bits for yourself, ditch the guff, and you too 'can choose to sell into the sunlight' in 2022.

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