Have You An Off-The-Wall Plasma Objection Handle?

Heard an interesting response to the price objection just now.

The solar panel sector – who call their wares PVs after the photovoltaic cells that drive them – often get the-sharp-intake-of-breath treatment from corporate building managers when first providing costs.

As you might imagine, such a beast gets obsessed with unit prices. They think everything can be boiled down to a price per panel. When it obviously shouldn’t be done that way, given all the additional features of a successful installation such as reporting and maintenance.

Anyway, when confronted with someone hearing prices for the very first time, I gather a useful tactic to disarm is to cite huge flat screen TVs.

A completely different product, yet still ostensibly a big screen with clever tech inbuilt.

The line that seems to work is;

this PV is such good value it’s like having a 100 inch super-sharp TV for only a hundred quid

Which is a fraction of the telly’s actual price tag. And draws an interesting product comparison.

Whilst this objection is used when there is as yet no other competitor, it apparently does a great job of moving the discussion away from price alone.

Who wouldn't want to know about a cinema-screen at home for such a 'bargain'?

It's also an interesting example of using a consumer, retail metaphor for a commercial, B2B offering.

As a footnote, I'm reminded of the objection handle to procrastination suggesting today is the worst day to buy a computer. If you'd bought one yesterday, you'd already be using it and getting value from what you'd bought. If you buy one tomorrow, it'll no doubt be 'better' in some way, and help you even more. But today? No!

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