Musk, He's Poor

That title, it's an anagram.

Of skeuomorphs. [As I learnt from behind this paywalled piece.]

I read on in part, as a decade back I blogged on the concept of skeuomorphism. With particular reference to built-in internal new product launch familiarity.

New to me was the etymology. From 1889 by archaeologist H Colley March. Noting that man-made designs often retained an element of that which they replaced.

Such as Greek stonework made to look like the wooden beams they surpassed.

The modern-day evolution is for buttons we tap to often have 'images of objects that have been replaced by the object you’re using'.

Think of the rubbish bin for deleting, the floppy disk icon for saving and the envelope for emailing.

There's audio skeuomorphs too. With sound effects of paper crumpling for deleting and camera shutter zhuzh when taking a photo on your phone.

Given that solution selling often revolves around the removal of something unproductive, hindering or surpassed for the buying client, then we've a little opportunity here to slightly rebrand what we do for them. In a way no other competing pitch may do.

Can what said unwanted item thwarts be represented by a symbol, icon or design?

Likewise some once protracted output or part of process that you can consign to redundancy?

If so, then create a 'button' of your own with it on.

Pop it on a slide.

Let it sink in with them.

When your prospect has bought from you, they click your button and the 'old' way is no more. With all the time, money and quality windfalls that accompany their decision to partner with us.

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