Mute By Keyword

I came across a fascinating piece of social media management. In this case, available on Twitter.

It helps users avoid many of the ills which that platform seems to attract battering your mental wellbeing. In the worst case, the bombardment of abuse from bots, trolls or wumao (China’s 50 cent army).

Any tweeter can choose a word, hashtag or phrase that they no longer wish to see appear in their feeds.

A decade back, during what is now generally referred to as the GFC (Great Financial Crash), I encountered people in offices with signs on their desks saying;

I am not participating in this recession.

The inference you were meant to draw, being that only positive, business growing thoughts would be tolerated around them.

There’s an old, backed-up trope that you become the mirror of the handful of people you spend most time with. If they are mainly negative doomsters, then it will unavoidably rub off on you.

Banishing the neg-heads can be a step in the right direction. Destined to reach the seemingly far-off sunny uplands sooner.

Are there keywords or phrases that you feel portray the wrong mindset?

Perhaps more pertinently, does your prospect feel hatred towards any such hostility dragging down their environment?

What are these?

And can you begin the effort to mute them?

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