New Year Build

I've ran a fair few sessions lately involving assessing performance management when over video.

Whilst there are structured ways of making this trickiest of topics work, all the way from formal reviews to off-the-cuff snapshots, there's a safe path for this in the guise of Year Wrap or SKO mini-session. Of which many of us will be involved around now.

There's a trend for school teachers to ask their pupils to write their own end of term report. Handy to piggyback, with associated release of pressure. Especially when positioned as decidedly not of the 'could do better' variety.

Requesting only the positive could be a worthwhile route. For instance, what from the year just past would you like to maintain, build on, and really go for.

Some may have the confidence to ask what changes everybody wants to make in their own methods and accomplishments.

Whichever suits your space, there's a couple of mechanisms you could use as a jumping-in point. As benefitting a psych-laden arena, get used to some acronyms like these. By way of suggestions on how to get into what was done, and hopefully what will be.

I Like, I Wish, What If?


Specifically related to achievement, actions and ambitions.

There's also the chaos of not giving a formula. But as the saying goes, good luck with that.

You could also offer chance to think of your own stipulations. Tailor your own 'model'.

Such as what they most celebrate from their own year's work, what they're going to do to ensure they're able to make whatever it will be to also come good to celebrate again in twelve months, and that extra nip of the stretch goal.

One final, vital pointer though. As I always say. Make these less about 'goals'. And more about 'process'. Whether you reveal that upfront, or await responses to gauge and amend accordingly. Then you'll hit the road ahead already running.

If nothing else, what you receive will certainly be illuminating.

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