Resolution Replacement

Down the years I have occasionally felt urged to relate the practice of making New Year Resolutions to our Sales pursuit.

Generally, given that keeping to them is setting yourself up for failure in an overwhelming - plenty of studies regularly suggest - 95 percent of cases, is there ever any point?

The usual suspects scupper. From chasing the unrealistic fantasy at the outset to the difficulty in following for the requisite and vast number of days you must attend to it so ingraining your new ritual.

Yet this year, among the ideas, on both what specific resolutions will bring glory and how to make them stick, I read with approval one New England therapist suggest we ditch the Resolution fandango for good.

And in its place?

As explained in these 81 TikTok seconds, a new mindset;


I don’t like New Year’s resolutions, and I don’t think you should make them. Instead of setting yourself up for unrealistic perfection, take one day at a time. Happy New Year. #tiktoktherapist #therapistsadvice #therapistsoftiktok❤️ #newyears #newyearsresolutions

♬ original sound -

Here's that replacement, written up;

"Wake up every morning and ask yourself:
'What can I do today that will help me get what I want in the long run?'
And then whatever that thing is, make sure it's a realistic expectation and ask yourself to do it.
That's it. So you just take it one day at a time."

Examples in our everyday selling routines abound.

I'm reminded slightly of the supposed procrastination killer of imagining what you'd do today if it were in fact a few days, weeks, or even a year ago. Or flipping that so as to envisage what you'd look back on in say twelve months from now and be pleased you did today.

Yet how likely are seller resolutions to major on the trident of work on more deals, close more deals, closer bigger deals variety?

Which as they stand aren't really a habit-forming way forward.

Strategically, any link to process identification, focus and refinement is a winner. Likewise, proper qualification, built on process recognition and ideal prospect profiles.

Tactically, pitching, documenting and manoeuvring your difference-maker, locating person with the problem and the clout, and even chipping away at those who become prime candidates to refill your funnel all hold merit too.

I was also somewhat reminded of the famous 'Forest Man of India'. Who one day planted a tree. Then again, everyday, for decades. And now a forest grown. If you set out to do similar one Jan first, what chance you'd now get beyond a couple-dozen?

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