Not Read Mail Pats

We had an in-house session looking at this secondary objection recently.  It crops up after a suspect has requested info as part of their decision-making process on whether to see you or not.  The drill should be familiar; you follow up at the designated hour, only to be told your email’s gone unread.

The guys workshopped this around.  Their preferred approach was to use the lack of enthusiasm (& respect?) for the asked-for email as a starting to point to have a proper conversation.  Namely one that allows you to ask a couple of killer questions.  These should hopefully demonstrate desire-stipulation or problem-recognition by the suspect.

You can then say, ‘I can resolve that/make it happen…’ and Close for the meet.  Sounds simple!

The key is being able to get these questions out after a preface that puts everything at ease.  ‘I can easily outline in 30 seconds what the email/links would have got across…’ and then the angle is, ‘so I can do this right now, just let me know please what’s….’

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