We're Now On Two Point Zero

One of my cold-callers ran into an obstacle when the person reached claimed they’d already met with us in the past.  So, knowing all about us, they declined our kind offer of a meeting to became acquainted.

It must be almost ten years since I last witnessed this objection wallop one of my charges.  At the time, the remedy was simple.  You give the impression there’s been a whole load of changes since whenever they last knew us, and if necessary, rapidly rattle off a ton of ‘new’ things that now appear since they last engaged with us.

Even though it related to software, the message is relevant acros the board.  I recall the patter went something like, “we ensure a major product release each quarter, typically with not just one but several new ideas, so the odds are that there’ll be at least one of these that’s gone in since we last spoke that could make a difference to you and help your plans, which I’m sure will warrant a new look, so how about we meet up …..blah blah close close…..”

When I instantly recounted this to my winner, she said she’d gone through something akin to this, but got hit with another: “I’ll take a look at your website then and get back to you if I’m interested.”  Ouch.  I never got that ten years ago!

So, on the spot, I created the 2.0 routine.  “The website after all, is simply a pretty brochure with overview info.  It’s really only in the flesh you see the true impact of what we do.  The difference between what we do know and what’s on our website, which we’re updating as we speak, is like Web 2.0 over Web 1.0.  So don’t worry that our website may not show off all our new bells and whistles, in the time it would take you to read it anyway, we could have met over a cup of tea and helped make your plans happen.  Which days next week are you in the office?”  It seemed to work 🙂

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