Nothing better to do?

If you’re thinking of buying Leach Lewis Plant wares, consider this carefully.  In clearing out a load of old files, I came across this amazing letter, in response to a pre-cold-call mailer.  Their then top man, a certain J P Leach, deigned to pass on the pearls of his wisdom as follows.  Many propsects sit blissfully unaware of how difficult it is to engage an opportunity, and are as hypocritical as this guy in their thinking.  Hopefully this clown looks back on his unfulfilled life with regret.  Here’s what he documented to me on 17 August 2001:

“I was very interested in reading your letter and I have to tell you that I am shocked that, as a company involved in sales, you personally have such an ignorance of politeness and courtesy.  As far as I am aware, we have never met, we have never spoken, and we have never even corresponded until this moment and yet you presume to address me by my Christian name in your letter.  I have to tell you, along with a lot of people, there is nothing more likely to make me consign a letter to a waste paper bin or refuse to accept a telephone call, when this form of address is used in these sort of circumstances.  I do hope that this little piece of information will enable you to improve your own business by not antagonising potential customers.”

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