Now You Must Show Me Your Plan

A delightful conversation with a veteran entrepreneur. They had in the past run their own clothing distributer.

A highly promising new line of garments arrived. They should take their market by storm.

Yet after launch, none of the salesteam had sold any.

The belief was, that they hadn’t really tried. Content to keep selling the ‘old’ ranges. The ‘new’ could be too tricky to contemplate pitching.

It is an age old Sales conundrum.

The boss was very unhappy. So he gave them a rocket.

It was hard, because many of them were considered close friends. Yet in a firey team meeting, they were told in no uncertain terms that they didn’t know selling. They were failing. Things needed to change.

The demand was that they must work out their own individual plans for selling the latest additions. Then run through them one-on-one.

It worked.

I wonder how such approach would go down in this century…?

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