Nowcasting Pipeline Check

Coronavirus medic planners in the UK are currently engaged in nowcasting. This intrigued my sales antennae having first blogged on this back in 2014.

The media’s focus is (understandably) the headline figure of daily released fatalities.

Yet this tragic toll, is also a misleading stat. Prone to all manner of time lags, rechecks and recording greylines.

Those charged with managing covid19 effects for health service provision rather look elsewhere. At hospital admissions, critical care loads and actual date of death.

This better allows them to assess what ‘will’ happen, right ‘now’.

In a sales setting, the focus on what might happen by tomorrow, this week or on the next call can slide dangerously into the micromanagey.

Yet carefully tread this line and nowcasting can have a powerful impact on long-term selling success.

For one, it starts to light up an ever closer handle on how intimate with deal the account owner is. And if they are truly shaping it.

Then – and perhaps most crucially – it can cultivate greater adherence to process.

Those actions that when occurring, make your triumph all but guaranteed.

How many such ticks along the way will any of these gain today?

Nowcasting to turn hopecasting into donecasting.

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