Nudge Choice Reminder

I’ve blogged about choice architecture and the joys of nudging before (in 2008 & 2009). For 2010’s reflection I’ve just come across four delicious further examples from a Brand Republic blogger worthy of echo.

They’re tales of how schoolgirls stopped putting lippy on bathroom mirrors, more visitors saw more of a museum, people recycled old clothes and kids no longer dropped litter.

For the uninitiated, this concept is at its best when creating lateral, inexpensive ways to stop people acting in undesirable ways.

To adopt such mentality and thrive through it, here’s a possible framework. Think first about which behaviours you do not like in your customers.

It could be putting your contract up for tender, reducing it even or buying a cheaper item than you’d want.

What nudge could stop them from doing this, through their choice rather than your overt diktat?

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