On-Message Prompt Sheets


There isn’t a single right-minded football fan that talks well of any, that is any, of the ‘governing’ bodies.

One lucky journo found a delightful piece of spin-management from Europe’s bunch of inepts recently. It depicted how to ‘sell’ the second-tier of its club competitions.

I don’t fully share the malign in which this tournament is held by the majority of my countrymen.

My point here is not a football one. It is how salespeople are prepared to talk in the desired light about something they either know little about, or are rather inclined to think negatively on.

Many sales staff back at HQ get worried that the latest new product messages fail to ‘reflect its true value’.

Whilst the reps on the road may be armed with piles of pdfs extolling limitless virtues, where’s the single sheet of paper like this?

Where are the specific words that are must-says? Evoking the right thoughts about the new wares? Uefa have ‘prestigious’, ‘elite’, ‘heritage’ and ‘dramatic’.

What words should be said in every single conversation in the field about your newie? And how will they look on a single small sheet…

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