Once Sold Stop Your Revankies

Revanchist. A new word discovered in the aftermath of brexit. Through a Remain columnist. Derived from the french for revenge, he used it to frame a major flaw in refusenik machinations. His definition;

a movement to take back lost territory or standing and to reassert the old order

The journalist (& former MP) went on to suggest that people scouring the landscape for mistakes and mis-steps, looking to revel in loud “I told you so”s, are “corrosive”. Yes they are.

His further political analysis suggested that it is never the weight of volume from such golden age thinkers that causes any reversal. It is only when those on the ‘winning’ side of the decision switch ship that are you sunk.

If true, then the lesson is clear. Once sold, line up and forewarn your supporters clientside to ensure their – and your – ambitions cannot be undermined. Anyone stuck in the first stages of change can be deadly.

I blogged on this very issue just a few days back.

Let’s channel the origin of the tyrannical force, bolshevik. It’s opposite belittling the ‘minority’ (those nastily establishment mensheviks) and so ultimately incorrect. (Even though I suspect the trendy noun is revanchista…) if you do spot a “revanky”, best get them busy with something else sharpish.

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