Once Twice Better

Project 56 today bears fruit.

Three years ago I blogged on the ambition of incredible swimmer Adam Peaty.

We sellers could do well from embracing his approach to breaking a barely human barrier.

Today, he cracked that Rio Olympics borne aim.

At the current World Champs meet in South Korea, he became the first person to ever swim 100m breaststroke in under 57 seconds. And this, in merely the semi.

56.88s to be precise. As of now, all sixteen of the fastest ever such swims over that distance belong to him. A good 1.4secs pass until anyone else sets a mark. The fifth time he’s hit a brand new record, including being the first man inside 58 seconds back in 2015.

As well as a welcome reminder to consider your own such Project forming, naming and driving, I smiled to hear what he cited that during training he and his coach “are always saying”;

Do it once. Do it twice. Do it better.

So this seems to be his propelling performance mantra.

Any internal salesteam meeting this season could profit from a simple slide discussing this for a minute or three wouldn’t you say?

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