Our Three-Body Problem

There's quite the hype about today's streaming sci-fi series release around humanity's encounter with alien life of this title.

It reminded me of the first framing of solution selling I came across.

Miller-Heiman touting a 'complex sale' as any with you required to 'sell' to at least two people. Add into the mix alternate options than yours, and complexity rockets.

The Three-Body Problem from physics is the difficulty in plotting the future orbits of three bodies in a system.

Specifically at first, the sun, earth and moon.

For us, imagine these as you, your customer and any competition.

As the Law reveals, when all three are moving, chaos ensues.

Scientists since Newton continue to struggle with this problem. Labelled practically 'unsolvable'.

Though for us, mere acknowledgment of the forces at play is perhaps our step towards getting the answer we want.

From there, a resolute focus on the issue the prospect wishes to resolve, and lasering on the unique way we can enable them to resolve it, is the path.

Such uniqueness can include the subtle laying of competitor traps, the uncovering, alignment and suggestion of emotion compelling purchase our way, and the preference of the sunlit uplands of (future orbit) legacy we alone propel.

Linked to this, I also suspect that as this tv show enjoys its moment in the pop-psych, you can also use its concept to ask any prospect personality wanting us to succeed, how we might approach the persuasion of an important colleague of theirs who, as it stands, is not yet similarly inclined, so that we might together, prevail.

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