Passion A Potential Gig Economy Crossover

1in8 passionate workers

My snap above quotes Robin Chase. She co-founded Zipcar, her current book Peers Inc at the vanguard of the “sharing” – or the more funky label, “gig” – economy.

Marketplaces abound for taskers and requesters to mingle in the human cloud. Having purchased through one of the early movers several years ago, I do worry about the race to the bottom I have seen. Despite my admiration for disintermediation (the web’s ability to chase the middlemen out of town), squeezing value damagingly out of what should in many cases be a premium commanding craft as the rush to “automate” the unrobotable takes unwelcome frenzied hold.

In the (long read) piece referenced up top, one stat startled me.

Only one in eight people are passionate about how they earn a crust.



Then again, thinking about corporate salesteams I witness this could be a tad high, hey…

Everybody is passionate about something, surely.

Although I never can quite bring myself to trust when I hear self-proclaimed passion, if you can tap into whatever it is that gets your prospect buzzing, you are in.

Talking this over with a friend, we got onto business case pitching. Specifically when you unlock huge savings, and then ask your reward to be a share of the cuts.

Twenty years ago, when selling increased revenues, my salesforce chuckled to shoehorn in the question of business owners, “what’yer gonna spend the money on…?”. It proved a lot more revealing than mere comedy.

People are rapidly becoming less inclined to stay somewhere for the sake of it.

So it’s a worthwhile addition angle from which to view your prospects. Find their passion. Align alongside.

Fertile ground comes from futures, plans, directions. What they’d like to change for the better. Where they want to be. Ambition.

Imagine if you knew the true passions of each of your potential buyers. Especially if seven of eight in work have theirs smothered. Pretty valuable intel, right.

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