Spotting Client Divorce Signals

Much media mumbling this week around an algorithm that predicts your partner’s propensity for imminent divorce.

You make separate plans. They change once shared passwords. Unsocial business meetings. The list goes on. 42% of marriages currently end in divorce. Is yours next?

One supposed sage hit the airwaves on this. Andrew G Marshall. Surely a mere daytime tv staple?

Well, maybe there is something in it for us and our customer relationships. He has this snappy equation;

problem + poor communication + temptation = affair

Remarkably mappable onto our joint corporate journeys.

We all suffer problems. Delivery, breakdown, spec, assistance, developments.

And boy isn’t temptation all over. Those legions of pesky cold callers and marketers and advertisers and various vested interest forever prompting a look at their competition,

So if they’re a given, perhaps the key is poor communication. Specifically, in switching off the poor.

What’s your personal comms plan with your customers?

Firm it up. Or hasten a messy, costly divorce.

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